New England RPC Associates, Inc.

Celebrating 20th Anniversary in 2013

New England RPC Associates is a consulting firm specializing in software and systems for manufacturing and distribution companies. We deal with growing companies whose systems have not kept pace with their business.

We help customers with:

Maintaining Market Share

  • Do you get 100% of your customers’ repeat business?
  • How fast can you turn a customer order?
  • Can you fill an order faster than your competition?
  • Are you maintaining top product and service quality?
  • Are you able to meet customer required delivery dates?

Improving Profit Margins

  • Do you know what each product actually costs?
  • Are you selling product – but still seeing shrinking profits?
  • Do you know what costs might be cut without adversely impacting quality?

Speeding Information Flow

  • Do you have immediate access to critical information?
  • Can you make pro-active rather than re-active decisions?
  • Is information consistent and accurate – and in a central database?
  • Can you access data both internally and from remote locations?

Achieving Regulatory Compliance

  • Are you dealing with Sarbanes – Oxley?
  • Working toward getting or maintaining ISO Certification?
  • Working toward getting or maintaining Regulatory Certifications?
  • Document Control

These are just a few of the many issues we help our customers address and resolve.



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